Gianna and I have lived in Port Angeles for 14 months now—just a short walk from downtown. I love it here. Most mornings I wake up, make some coffee, and step out for a walk. Immediately I’m greeted by cawing seagulls, and the smell of saltwater. I stroll to the stairs that lead downtown and take in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Each morning, its a little bit different, and a little bit of awe sparks inside me.


Some mornings I bring my camera, like this morning here. I love the black and white, I feel it captures the darkness that this place holds. Figuratively, and literally.


Port Angeles was carved out of the dense wooded wilderness that lined the shores. Then, sluiced with fill before the bluffs to create the downtown that now has art attributed to the old days, murals, and small businesses tucked around each nook and cranny. There’s a lot to entertain one with a camera and little curiosity.

I’m going to miss morning walks with my camera here, as Gianna and I have decided to head out of the Peninsula for the time being. Our last day in our house is January 31st. Then we’re heading into the great unknown. I try and listen to where I’m being pulled, or sent by the universe. I believe I was sent to Port Angeles for a while to work, save money, and create my first book, “Why Do You Exist?”


In my book I declare that I exist to teach. I figure that if I’m going to teach anything I better go learn a thing or two about this big bad world we live in. So I’m listening to where I’m being pulled next and taking off on another adventure...yewwww! Gianna and I are on the edge of it now, and the stoke is high.