The Bambu Lifestyle?



robust, strong, diverse, yet soft and sustainable. It has passion built right into its DNA. Its actually one of the fastest growing plants in the world, a versatile raw product used for building materials and food. With a higher compressive strength than wood, brick, or concrete and a specific tensile strength that rivals steel. Its quite the photosynthetic derived material. I believe we could all learn a thing or two from this little plant.

I believe it represents a lifestyle. A lifestyle that's also robust, diverse, strong, yet soft. A lifestyle that's sustainable. A lifestyle focused on spending your time, money, and energy living passionately. Its the bambu lifestyle.

But what exactly is the bambu life style?

It's waking up on a Saturday to clean your house, do your errands, get your stuff done, and then escaping to one of your favorite places--firing up the camp stove, and cooking a meaningful, healthy, robust meal.

It's taking long walks through beautiful forests and hugging the huge trees that have existed long before the white people came to chop them all down.


Its stopping to read the poetry.


It's walking back to camp in the dark and crawling into a tent with the rain fly off--keeping the bugs out--but the atmosphere in. The connection to the planet, in.

Its falling asleep under the stars far away from light pollution, where a deeper universe is uncovered. Its acknowledging the night skies ability to fill the brains capacity and struggle to digest all its taking in, feeling so small in such a profound world. Its sleeping right under those stars, waking at two in the morning, opening your eyes and seeing them right there smack up against you!

Its then waking up to the birds chirping and the trees swaying. Asking yourself what one could learn on patience from those old trees.


It's sparking up the stove for a simple breakfast of oatmeal, blended with just a little bit a chocolate--because bamboo too, needs sugar.


It's then kicking your shoes off and connecting with the natural. Saying hello to the big trees and the little tree's--because a little tree is just a big tree with out enough time.

It’s living in the moment, for the moment. Making every day, minute, and second count knowing that your time in this world is limited. Because if your always looking to the future for something different, easier,’s easy to forget to live.

It's sitting by the river, wondering why the water is so damn blue.


Its pushing off the fact that its now Sunday, and that you have to work tomorrow, but instead driving to another one of your favorite places to suck out every precious moment of your Sunday.


It’s sitting and listening…listening to what the ocean has to offer. Asking yourself what one could learn of its eternal power, using the hypnotic noise to clear your mind and become one with yourself and the natural world.

It’s feeling deep in your heart the healing power that is nature.


Its firing up the stove for one more meal cooked outside while you watch the last light descend into the horizon. Leaning back in your chair, feeling content for the moment and telling yourself, "there is no place I'd rather be..."


Now that's, the Bambu lifestyle.