The only flaw in the world

Our brain is a muscle, and like all muscles without use, grows weak.

When we sit, stare, and consume, we never question, only accept.

When we contribute, settle, and plead despair at the system, we fuel the machine.

When we believe the lifestyle that’s written for us, "is us," we tell ourselves, “its just what I have to do."

When we're all terrified to do the things we actually enjoy, we welcome heartache.

When we need to make a living, most of us reluctantly trade time, for money.

When we chase a fictitious trail of material wealth endowed upon us by previous generations, we trust that this is the guideline on how to live, this must bring us happiness, but then we fill our lives with forms of escape; alcohol, drugs, screens, toys, vacation homes and things.

When we all nitpick flaws and point fingers at human kind, we act like we understand our selves so well, that they must be the flaws in the world.

When we don't see that perhaps the only flaw in the world is this: we don’t know how we ought to live. So we rarely consult the wisdom of the one true thinker, and controller of our lives, ourselves.