Why today's hero could be tomorrows exterminator

The future success of human kind resides on the all encompassing issue of resource use.


Because to choose what is best for the near future is easy, but to choose what is best for the near and distant future is very difficult, often entirely contradictory requiring ethical logic and reasoning that seems yet to be formulated.

Think of it this way, an individual running a country can be a criminal to his era, but a hero to future descendants. If he is to cautiously preserve his nations resources for aesthetic, intrinsic, and romantic reasons he will sustain his resources at the cost of his people remaining in poverty. Long term however, this tyrant will have improved the welfare of his citizens by giving them greater resources, opportunity and diversity of decision making.

On the other hand, today's hero may very well be tomorrows exterminator.

A well liked series of leaders can harness the energy of their people and increase the standard of living. This promotes a population explosion, which results with the unintended exploitation of resources, and congregation of a nations citizens to urban centers. These urban centers then create a specialized workforce where no one can provide for their own basic needs without the help of other specialists. While this society is technologically advanced and the standard of living high, it lacks resilience and diversity because so many are helpless once resources become constrained. Given enough time, this lack of diversity and resource scarcity may result in a societal collapse.

Our leaders of the 20th and 21st century have indeed been heroes, but may very well be looked upon one day as exterminators. For their systems ran on the premise that resources are infinite. They are not. Time is now working against us, it’s the one great equalizer. We are mere captives of its grasp. Resources are now becoming constrained, the verge of helplessness grows closer. The population bomb is ticking—we now share a planet with 7.6 billion other people where the pressure to “choose what is best” for now, and your grand kids is being magnified by our ever shrinking world.

For the Earth will always remain rigid, and life will persist.

But human kind, how long will you live?